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How Long Does A Natural Thatched Roof Last On A Home?

20-Year Warranty

You will hear people say that a thatch roof made of natural water reed will last four or five decades. That sounds impressive, right? It’s not quite that simple though. While you can retain parts of the roof for that long, around every eight years you will need to completely replace the roof ridge. Then, you will need to replace or repair other parts as they get ruined by pests like crows or rats. As you replace parts and patches on a natural thatched roof, the color loses consistency. It stops looking charming and romantic and starts looking ragged.

Plus, you have to apply chemical pest repellent and flame retardant every couple of years. If a storm blows through, you may have to repair parts of the roof as well. So, when they say that a thatched roof made of water reed will last four to five decades, well… consider their definition of “lasting.”

Synthetic Thatched Roofing Solutions

Now, a synthetic water reed thatch roof from Endureed really could last four or five decades with essentially no maintenance and no repairs. We do have a 20-year warranty the same as you will find with other quality roofing systems, though we expect a home with an Endureed thatched roof to last significantly longer than that!

VIVA Palm leaf is a synthetic thatched roof substitute for the real thing. It’s design features make it easy-to-install and comes in two color variations that replicate natural palm leaves perfectly.

Who says you can’t have your own tropical paradise? The VIVA thatched roof is versatile and simple, making it perfect for all sorts of buildings and homes. Whether it be backyard tiki huts or world-class resorts alike—this durable material will keep up with the times. Make the better choice and get a quote today for your high-quality synthetic thatched roof.

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