Regions Series Materials Help Conserve Natural Resources, Fight Climate Change

20-Year Warranty

We’ve discussed why Endureed’s Regions series products are the greener choice when compared to natural thatch in multiple previous blog posts. We haven’t mentioned why Regions products are environmentally-friendly as a building product in general though. Let’s discuss.

The building industry utilizes a multitude of products that create a high demand for natural resources and contribute to climate change. Endureed’s Regions series synthetic thatch is made from an intrinsically a low-carbon material. The formula for the material consumes less primary energy than many other building materials.

We offer a 20-year warranty on our products, but the truth is, you can expect Endureed products to remain beautiful and durable for much longer than two decades. Many products with a similar thermoplastic formula last upwards of several decades. This durability means less overall product use and less maintence. Plus, our products are incredibly is easy to recycle, if you are ever completely done with them. Additionally, because our products offer such durable protection, it’s not a stretch to say that they will help protect materials beneath it from water and corrosion as well.

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