Green building is a term to describe sustainable building practices. Green builders use healthier more resource-efficient models of construction and renovation. It’s a more environmentally friendly practice that expands and compliments traditional building design. It’s also sometimes known as high performance building.

Hotels and resorts built using green building principals are more efficient with energy, water and building materials. They result in the production of less waste and less damage to the environment. Green builders use reused, recycled content or they use materials from renewable resources.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch

Endureed synthetic thatch roofing shingles are the preferred material for green builders creating an aesthetically pleasing natural look. Each of our synthetic thatch shingles is 100 percent recyclable. Order any of our product lines with 40 percent recycled materials too!

Hotels and resorts that have chosen to implement green building principals and reach for a LEED certification experience a higher per-room revenue not attributed to energy cost savings or water cost savings. People just prefer environmentally friendly hotels and resorts.

In a previous blog post, we explained why natural thatch is no longer an environmentally friendly material in most parts of the world. So, for a truly environmentally friendly thatch look, pass on the headaches of natural thatch. Endureed is the most cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing green roofing option.

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