In Dubai, the government has committed to a massive plastic recycling program that has resulted in maintenance-free plastic roads! Currently, a new green building technique is taking off: They are using recycled plastic to build roads. This eliminates the mountains of plastic waste and also creates stronger, maintenance-free roads. These roads are expected to last at least three times as long as conventional road structures!

Plastic Roads?!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Waste pickers collect plastic litter.
  2. The waste material is sorted and cleaned.
  3. Plastics are shredded in machined subsidized by the Indian government.
  4. The shredded plastic is sold to road builders.
  5. The plastic is melted and mixed with bitumen.
  6. This material is used to build roads!

These roads are more durable against floods and excessive heat. They are also safer. According to government data, the nation’s drivers experiences around 500,000 accidents per year. These result in around 150,000 deaths. Around 15,000 deaths were from accidents involving potholes! The lack of potholes in plastic roads is certainly already preventing deaths.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch Roofing: A Green Building Material

We we commend the plastic recycling efforts and accomplishments in India. Innovation like this really does improve the world. We are dedicated to the promotion of green building materials and love hearing about innovations like these.

Endureed produces an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional thatching that’s 100 percent recyclable. As with roads made from recycled plastics, our thatch offers numerous environmental benefits and is an excellent financial investment too.

Plus, our synthetic thatch helps buildings earn their LEED certifications. LEED certification has been shown to increase per-room revenue among resorts and hotels.

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Author: Endureed