How Long Does Synthetic Thatch Last, Compared to Natural Thatch?

Synthetic thatch roofs often last longer than natural thatch roofs because they're designed with durability in mind. Their rugged construction also makes them


Why Is it Important to Have a UV-Protected Roof?

A UV-protected roof will last longer than a roof without this protection from the Sun’s rays. And a synthetic thatch roof made from


The Anatomy of a Roof: Basic Roofing Terminology

When it comes to roofing, knowing the basics is important. Here’s a breakdown of roofing terminology so you can get to know the


More Roofing Terminology

Our last post on the anatomy of a roof was incredibly popular, so we decided to take a more in-depth look at roofing


What Are ASTM Roofing Standards?

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, has developed specific roofing standards that help business owners and roofers specify, test, and


Why Are Wind Ratings Important When it Comes to Roofing Materials?

Many business owners overlook the importance of the wind rating on their roofing materials. If your business is located in a place susceptible


What is Synthetic Thatch Roofing?

Synthetic thatch roofing presents the style and the appearance of a natural thatch roof, without the maintenance difficulties associated with natural thatch. While


Is Plastic Thatch Roofing Good for Resorts?

Plastic thatch roofing is ideal for tropical resorts. It has the look of classic thatch roofing, but it doesn't bring the disadvantages traditional

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Planning to Build a Tiki Hut at a Beach Resort? Synthetic Thatch is the Way to Go

Nothing says tropical beach paradise quite like a thatched roof. That's why, when you're planning to build a tiki hut, installing a thatch


What is an “Imitation Thatch” Roof?

An imitation thatch roof is a synthetic thatch that doesn't rot, shed, decay or mold like natural thatch does. By choosing synthetic thatch,