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For many roofs without gutters, a dripline trench is the perfect solution to help control runoff from rain and other weather events.

What is a Dripline Trench?

A dripline trench is a form of infiltration trench that belongs below a rooftop. It’s designed for use wherever water flows or drips when it’s raining.

How Does a Dripline Trench Work?

A dripline trench collects storm water and controls erosive runoff that comes from the roof. Typically, this type of trench collects the runoff and stores it until it can soak into the soil naturally.

Benefits of a Dripline Trench

When your roof doesn’t have gutters to control runoff and send it where it needs to go, a dripline trench is ideal. After all, that water has to go somewhere. A well-constructed trench can even prevent backsplash, which will reduce wear and tear on your building (and make sure muddy, sloppy splashes aren’t affecting the building’s aesthetics).

Where Dripline Trenches Work Best

Sand and gravel are the best mediums for dripline trenches, because they can quickly disperse large volumes of water. The catch: Your foundation has to be well-sealed or you may subject your building to flooding.

How to Maintain a Dripline Trench

If your trench is lined with a geotextile fabric, you’ll have to remove the stones and wash them periodically. If not, all you need to do for maintenance is remove accumulated debris and weeds when you spot them.

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