What is Synthetic Thatch Roofing?

Imitation Thatch

Synthetic thatch roofing presents the style and the appearance of a natural thatch roof, without the maintenance difficulties associated with natural thatch. While natural thatch is beautiful, maintaining the natural materials is time-intensive. Synthetic thatch roofing will not mold, decompose, or shed like natural thatch materials do, and will last significantly longer. Further, while natural thatch roofing often harbors pests, synthetic thatch does not. Synthetic thatch roofing is therefore relatively immune from the damage those pests can do.

Synthetic thatch roofing can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings to create a fun, relaxing tropical atmosphere. It can be used in any place where you desire the look of natural thatch. You can use synthetic thatch roofing to cover palapas, cabanas, gazebos, or tiki bars without the headache natural thatch maintenance can cause.

Synthetic thatch is a realistic and affordable alternative to natural thatch. In every way, synthetic thatch roofing is superior to natural thatch. If you want the feeling of a tropical vacation without the hassle and mess of natural materials, then synthetic thatch is your answer.

Do You Need Synthetic Thatch Roofing for a Commercial Building?

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