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Our last post on the anatomy of a roof was incredibly popular, so we decided to take a more in-depth look at roofing terminology. You can find more roofing terminology here.

Roofing Terminology

It’s often helpful to grasp the basics of roofing if you’re installing (or thinking about installing) a synthetic thatch roof—and these terms will put you on the right path.

Metal Drip Edge

A metal drip edge is a narrow strip of metal that won’t corrode. It’s installed at the roof’s rake to help water run off properly.

Off-Ridge Exhaust Vent

Most roofs have individual exhaust vents on the upper half. They’re there to allow humid, heated air to escape from the attic, and they’re typically round or square.


The rake on a roof is the outer edge from the eave to the ridge.


A roof’s ridge is an intersection of two different roof planes that form a horizontal peak.

Ridge Vent

A ridge vent is an exhaust vent that runs along the peak of a roof. It serves a purpose similar to an off-ridge exhaust vent by letting hot, humid air to escape from the attic.


The term square refers to a measurement of roofing material. It equals 100 square feet of the roof’s area.

Under-Eave Vent

Under-eave vents are intake vents put under a roof’s eaves to help pull cool, dry air into the attic.


Underlayment is the layer of protective material typically placed between a roof’s deck and it’s roofing materials.


The valley of a roof is where two sloping roofs join at an angle so water can run off properly.

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