Why You Need a UV-Protected Roof - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

The most common place to find thatch-roofed buildings is along the beach, of course. And what does the beach have other than thatched roofs? Sand, waves and sun. Lots and lots of sun!

Although every beach bum loves the sun, it can be pretty rough on roofs. Authentic thatch roofs, in particular, don’t hold up well to the constant exposure to intense UV rays that they often receive at the beach.

Without UV protection, the thatch that once looked so bright and vibrant will begin to fade. As its color disappears, it will start to look old and worn. UV-protected thatch, however, maintains its color even after years in the sun. It continues to look fresh and healthy.

Plus, synthetic thatch with UV protection will not become brittle from sun exposure. It will remain just as easy to maintain as the day it was installed.

If you want your thatch roof to last, it needs to be designed for long-term sun exposure. UV protection keeps synthetic thatch in top shape for year after year.

Does Your Building Need a Synthetic Thatch Roof?

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