Authentic Thatch vs Synthetic Thatch - Which Lasts Longer

Synthetic thatch roofs often last longer than natural thatch roofs because they’re designed with durability in mind. Their rugged construction also makes them easier to care for.

Unlike authentic thatch, which attracts rodents, birds and insects, synthetic roofs aren’t nearly as appealing to animals. Without critters building homes there, synthetic thatch stays in better shape.

When lightning strikes or a fire gets out of control, a natural roof can be engulfed in flames in no time. Synthetic thatch burns much more slowly, which preserves more of the roof if the unthinkable happens.

If a synthetic thatch roof does become damaged in one spot, a new section can be installed. Swapping out one damaged area keeps the entire synthetic roof looking nice for years to come.

Does Your Building Need a Synthetic Thatch Roof?

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Author: endureed_user