Natural thatched roofs must be treated with flame retardants, but that doesn’t make a structure fire involving a thatch roof safe. Even treated natural thatch is a fire risk. When this Elmswell structure caught fire, the efforts by fire fighters were still incredibly extensive and dangerous. Watch as the fire fighters had to remove thatch in order to ensure that the fire stayed contained.

It doesn’t have to be this way just to achieve the gorgeous ambiance that only thatch offers. First of all, the flame retardants used on natural thatch have questionable environmental impacts. See, even the “eco-friendly” flame retardants impact the environment negatively. Plus, you are forced to reapply these chemicals on your own structure on your own property every few years.

Endureed’s synthetic thatch is made to withstand fires. See, we offer the look of natural thatch with none of the hassle or chemical exposure from repeated applications of flame retardants.

Your safety matters. Look, even some other synthetic thatch won’t pass municipal fire inspections. Our products outperform even other synthetic thatch in fire tests.


Whether you’re interested in roofing an indoor gazebo or an entire hotel, we’d love to help you choose the right product for the job.

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Author: Endureed