thatched roofs history in the United Kingdom

Do you have a carriage house on your property in need of new shingles? What if you didn’t use asphalt shingles? What if you chose a stronger, more durable roof that gave the carriage house an inherent historical ambiance? Imagine a carriage house with a synthetic thatching in the style of old European thatching. Now, imagine that thatched roof was also fire proof, resistant to high winds and strong storms, pest resistant, mold resistant and came with a 20-year warranty.

That’s what a Somerset roof by Endureed offers.

The use of thatched roofs on accessory buildings in Europe really declined after the invention of the agricultural combine. Combines made straw and grasses unsuitable for use on roofs. Consequently, the cost of Norfolk reed skyrocketed. This thatched roof product became a prized commodity.

Somerset synthetic thatched roofing shingles are easy enough to install that a DIY enthusiast could tackle the job.


Whether you’re interested in roofing an indoor gazebo or an entire hotel, we’d love to help you choose the right product for the job.

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Author: Endureed