Endureed is one of the easiest roofing products for DIY enthusiasts. If you can shingle your home, you can install an Endureed roof. Look, we’re not going to claim that absolutely everyone can install their own synthetic thatch roof using our products. Still, if you can shingle a roof, you can probably install our products on your roof as well. So, hiring a contractor to install your synthetic thatch roofing products from Endureed isn’t always required. If you’d prefer a Do-It-Yourself synthetic thatch roof, Endureed is your safest bet.


Most general contractors do not hire special roofers to install our products, because Endureed installations aren’t difficult.

Look, DIY enthusiasts generally know their own limits. So, if you decided to install an Endureed roof yourself, you wouldn’t be the first. Others have installed our products on accessory buildings or on their own homes.

If you were planning on installing shingles, you will probably find it easier to install our thatch. Installation is very straightforward. Don’t believe it? Just check out our YouTube channel. Then, you’ll find multiple videos demonstrating the installation process. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to create something so gorgeous.

Author: Endureed