Don't use roofing felt beneath Endureed synthetic thatch.

Choose a high-quality roofing underlayment beneath our premium synthetic thatch.

Pictured above is our Kilimanjaro synthetic thatch product from our Regions Series on top of premium, self-adhering, waterproof underlayment. When installing standard asphalt shingles, many still choose roofing felt for a roofing underlayment. Sometimes, our clients ask us if roofing felt is suitable for use under Endureed’s premium synthetic thatch shingles.

The simple answer is: No. You can’t use roofing felt as an underlayment for our synthetic thatch products.

Roofing felt was the most common underlayment about 15 years ago. Then, synthetic underlayment products started taking over the roofing industry. Roofing felt consists of blends of cellulose, polyester, and bitumen or asphalt.

Roofing Felt Under Premium Roofing Products?

It’s not appropriate at all to use roofing felt under our products. Yet, we can’t figure out why anyone would want to either.

Endureed synthetic thatch shingles are designed to last. Your premium synthetic thatch roof made from Endureed shingles will most likely long outlive its warranty. Endureed shingles are a high-quality, artificial thatch roofing product and you should not use outdated materials beneath our products. Think about this: It makes little sense to use a lesser-quality underlayment like roofing felt. The layers of synthetic thatch shingles you apply over it would far outlive the lifespan of roofing felt and consequently everything underneath it too!

So, don’t ever use roofing felt under our synthetic thatch products. Instead, use a high quality underlayment like a Soprema waterproofing membrane. See, you should use a premium, self-adhering, waterproof underlayment with a strong warranty. Choose an underlayment with a proven long-lifespan. Look, our products have a 20-year warranty. We want all products used along side them to last at least as long too. It only makes sense. Right?

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about best practices when installing a quality, synthetic thatch roof, please contact us.

Author: Endureed