pest-free thatched roof

Let’s face it, achieving a pest-free thatched roof has always been nearly impossible. Even when measures to avoid pests like pesticides and netting were employed, a pest-free thatched roof was barely attainable. Now, thanks to new technology, homeowners, resort owners and business owners have a legitimate option for a pest-free thatched roof.

Thatched Roof Pesticides

We recently featured a blog post about the new report from NOAA Fisheries suggesting that, malathion, a pesticide once suggested for natural thatched roofs, might jeopardize salmon survival. Pesticide applications are needed for natural thatched roofs, but they are hardly environmentally friendly.

Thatched Roof Netting

People sometimes install netting on thatched roofing to deter birds and rodents from making their homes overhead. This is far from beautiful and only effective on some pests. It’s proven ineffective even among some bird species. Consider that a 17th-century barn in Wiltshire has fallen victim to some especially stubborn crows, despite netting!

Environmentally Friendly Synthetic Thatch

For a pest-free thatched roof, the only sure-fire option is synthetic thatch. Luckily, Endureed offers a beautiful synthetic pest-free thatch roof solution that requires no pesticides and no netting. Our products come with a 20-year warranty. Today, our first thatched roof looks just as it did when it was installed two decades ago.


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Author: Endureed