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The United States’ roofing demands indicate a need for more roofers.  Rich Abel, VP and a fourth-generation owner of Banner Supply Co. Inc. in Ohio, told Business Journal Daily that there’s a short supply of these tradesmen.

“Locally, we expect this year to be busy. There’s a backlog from the fall of last year. So most of these roofing companies have a good number of jobs to start with already,” Abel explained. “Roofing’s hard, difficult work, so that labor shortage certainly will be a problem in the future.”

The industry actively seeks more workers.

For example, in Ohio, Local 71 of the United Union of Roofers and the Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania offers a five-year paid apprenticeship program. Roofers there earn over $25 an hour plus over $16 in benefits per hour. They also get a pension and healthcare. While all occupations currently see a seven percent growth demand over the next decade, the growth in demand for roofers should be 11 percent.

Unlike other industries, they say that roofing offers job security, because it will always require boots on the roof. New technologies won’t fill the demand of actual roofers. Technology will make the actual labor part of the job easier and less labor-intensive, but the roofers will always be needed. Within the next decade, roofers expect the demand to only increase. See, in general, about five percent of the nation’s roof need replacing annually.


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