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Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofing products are the best products of their kind on the market. We’ve recreated the enduring beauty of natural thatched roofs. Yet, we’ve avoided each and every negative quality associated with natural thatch. See, our shingles look and feel like natural thatch, but offer every advantage of artificial thatch. Plus, we used modern materials so that our synthetic thatch shingles look and function just as nicely for decades.

Our patented, stainless steel crimp binding surpasses industry standards and offers extreme durability. Plus, flame-retardant materials and thoughtful engineering makes our thatch outperform the competition in real world flame tests. Also, our intelligent design makes for easy installation. Additionally, our choice of materials allows our products to withstand winds associated with even Category 5 hurricanes. Plus, the material and design makes our shingles impervious to pests, mildew proof, and durable against damaging UV rays.


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