Did you know that roofers in Missouri currently have no government entity regulating them? That might soon change though. One of just six states in the U.S. with no licensing requirement for roofing companies, the Missouri House debated creating a voluntary registration system. A bill in the Missouri House hopes to encourage roofing companies carry licenses. The law would make roofing companies prove their qualifications to obtain a license.

All revenue from the licensing program would go to the Missouri Veterans Commission’s Capital Improvements Fund. The law wouldn’t prohibit roofers from working. In most states, in order to install or repair roofs, contractors are regulated. This bill doesn’t take the requirements that far though. Yet, it would encourage roofers to become licensed. See, consumers could check on a Missouri website and at least make sure their roofer passed the test. It’ll help homeowners avoid incompetent roofers and scams.

Con artist roofers sometimes take advantage of disasters caused by events like tornadoes, take deposits, and then never return to finish the job. The voluntary registration system would also help consumers know who the legitimate roofers in their area are.


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