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News broke recently that a West Miami-Dade couple ended up charged with a felony for operating a roofing business without a license during a state of emergency! People call up a roofing contractor, assuming they are licensed. Yet, clearly that’s not always the case. The couple completed roofing jobs following Hurricane Irma during a state of emergency. Indeed, the couple allegedly operated their business without a state Department of Business and Professional Regulation contractor’s license!

Check Licences For Any Roofing Contractor

Imagine finding out the people you trusted with such a major property investment had no contractor’s license! Now, our roofing products are simple enough to install that many DIY roofing enthusiasts feel comfortable installing them themselves. Yet, that’s their choice. See, people hired these roofing contractors to do a professional job, but they allegedly didn’t even have a contractor’s license.

It shouldn’t be necessary, but when making a huge investment into your business or home, always check licenses. By the way, individual states have online license searches.


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