Authentic Thatch vs Synthetic Thatch - Which Lasts Longer

A Fort Myers Beach resort in Tampa lost its roof from this past summer’s Tropical Storm Emily. A tropical storm is a cyclone with winds over 39 miles per hour (63 kilometers per hour), but less intense winds than a hurricane. Tropical Storm Emily made landfall in Florida on July 31 at 10:45 a.m. EDT, The Weather Channel reported. She unfortunately blew part of the roof off of Outrigger Beach Resort on Estero Boulevard in Florida.

“A strong gust of wind from TS Emily caught the edge of a roofing membrane and peeled it back depositing it onto the side of our building,” Outrigger Beach Resort wrote on Facebook after it happened. Luckily, they stayed open, but not everyone gets as lucky when tropical storms and hurricanes plow through. Many of our incredibly strong synthetic thatch roofs are found at world-famous resorts around the globe, so this story is of particular interest. The roof in the video is, of course, not a synthetic thatch roof.


“I could hear the storm. The thunder and the lightning but then I heard a loud boom crash and that was apparently the crash. What I apparently thought was thunder but now seeing what it was not thunder,” resort guest Jonathan Bacon told WFLA News. “I’m kinda trapped here. I can’t leave. I’m checking out this morning and I’m kind of stuck here for a while.”

The resort showed a great attitude on Facebook. They didn’t have to wait long for repairs. That must’ve been a huge relief to their future guests.

Tropical Storm: Another Reason To Choose Endureed Synthetic Thatch

We share this story to relay an important fact: It’s not just massive hurricanes that can damage a roof. Imagine the guests’ hassle if the roof of a building at a resort was damaged unexpectedly. They expect a perfect vacation. Resort owners want to ensure that.

The storms from the Atlantic like we saw this hurricane season often cause roofing damage. Actually, sometimes even the best built roofs get damaged from tropical storms. Sometimes, there is nothing that can prevent storm damage to roofing materials. Still, Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofs perform better than most types of roofing material when put to the test against tropical storms and hurricanes. Our synthetic thatch roofing material can help bring you greater peace of mind.

Author: Endureed