thatched roofs history in the United Kingdom

Realtors report that a growing number of British home buyers are interested in thatched roofs. For example, realtor Sophie Gannon told CBS News last year that home buyers want their “dream country house.” That dream country house, she explained, is a thatch cottage. Part of it is that people want to be environmentally friendly, she explained to CBS NewsPart of it is the feeling of peace offered by the aesthetics of thatched roofs.

The realtor said that fire-resistant coatings now required on natural thatch make thatch a selling point again. People like that it’s recyclable. People like that it’s environmentally friendly. Still, think about it. Repeated chemical applications aren’t really that environmentally friendly.

Look, we have a better option.

Eco-Friendly. Flame Resistant. Maintenance Free. Cost Effective.

Our synthetic thatch roofing materials are also recyclable. Plus they are made, in part, with recycled materials. Also, people don’t realize that the natural thatch industry isn’t as green as it seems. Extensive fertilizer use for growing grasses and reed are affecting the health of these plants and the health of the surrounding waterways. Look, the thatched roofing industry and the agricultural industry no longer go hand in hand. The invention of the combine broke that relationship apart. Now, roofing thatch is usually grown separate from food crop fields. This demand increased fertilizer use. Actually, reports indicate the demand causes negative effects on the land, soil and nearby water sources.

Meanwhile, Endureed’s synthetic thatch is recyclable and uses a significant amount of recycled materials to create the end product. Unlike natural thatch, our thatch doesn’t need to be repeatedly sprayed with moderately effective flame retardants. Our products are built to be flame resistant for the life of the roof. Unlike natural thatch, our products don’t require regular visits from the exterminator. They don’t mold. Plus, they don’t rot. Also, they don’t require maintenance.

Yet, they still offer the cozy ambiance of natural thatch, because it looks and feels just like natural thatch! Plus, within five years, our products generally end up costing homeowners less money than a natural thatch roof. Every year, the cost savings from lack of maintenance increases.


Whether you’re interested in roofing a house or an entire hotel, we’d love to help you choose the right product for the job.

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