Natural roof on chapel in Ireland.

A recent article in The Romsey Advertiser reported on a fire that destroyed the roof of an Ampfield hotel. The blaze at Potters Heron Hotel began on accident when a spark in the chimney ignited the hotel’s thatched roof. Keep in mind, fire codes require flame retardant applications on natural thatched roofs. This should not give building owners with thatched roofs a false sense of security.

Ted Kennedy, chairman of Pebble Hotels, said that the damage was confined to the thatched roof, thanks to the efforts of firefighters. In all, 170 emergency staff helped on the scene of the historic hotel last month.

Test Valley fire commander Dan Tasker told The Romsey Advertiser that thatch fires were “notoriously difficult” to gain control of.

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Flame-resistant Endureed synthetic thatched roof at theme park in California.


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