Hotels pursuing LEED certification can choose Endureed synthetic thatch for roofing projects. Endureed synthetic thatch looks authentic and offers superior quality over the competition. Our synthetic thatch products also help hotels become LEED certified. Our products are eco-friendly from many perspectives. With regards to LEED certification, Endureed products will earn hotels one point towards becoming LEED certified or achieving a higher LEED rating level.

LEED Certification

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally-recognized symbol of sustainable building. It’s the most widely used green building rating system across the globe. LEED certifies in over 165 countries and territories currently. This certification is available for almost any building project, including hotels. Earning a high rating tells hotel guests that the structure is a healthier, greener and more efficient building.

LEED Certified Rating Levels

Depending on how many points are achieved, hotels and other structures can earn one of four different LEED rating levels:

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Why LEED Certification?

Going green is an incredibly important trend for consumers, including your hotel guests. Hotels represent over 5-billion square feet of space and around $4 billion in annual energy use, according to the United States Green Building Council. Many informed hotel guests genuinely prefer to stay at hotels that offset the energy crisis.

A LEED certification is an achievement! To stand out in today’s hospitality industry, environmentally responsible hotels prominently display their green building certification. Doing so attracts a quickly growing population of eco-conscious guests. Plus, in seeking out a higher LEED ranking, you’ll also save yourself money in long-term energy costs.

Consider Endureed To Boost LEED Ranking

Our premium synthetic thatch shingles outperform the competition in fire safety and durability. By using our blend of highly stable HDPE, our products also produce no damaging chemical runoff that other plastic thatch products often do. Our products come with a firm warranty. Though it may interest you to know this: In the last fifteen years, Endureed has had no warranty claims. See, our products are that durable. Our warranty even covers fading. We can easily offer that, because our state-of-the-art technology resulted in synthetic thatch shingles that simply don’t fade from UV exposure.

Author: Endureed