Roofing Contractor scams are common following disasters.

Some genuine roofing contractors are warning people to be careful with supposed roofers requiring payments upfront for the costs of products and deposits. First, it’s uncommon for legitimate roofing contractors to lack a line of credit for purchasing supplies. While deposits aren’t entirely uncommon, it’s important to still be very careful when providing a deposit to a any contractor. See, especially in disaster areas following hurricanes or other storms, scammers are out in full force.

Some states even prohibit any roofing contractor from accepting even partial payment under a contract before the work begins in counties declared a disaster. The reason? Protection from scam artists. These people will take your money, and then you will never see them again.

Check Legitimacy Of Roofing Contractor First

Ultimately, your safest bet is to check with the Better Business Bureau when hiring a roofing contractor or rely on recommendations. Also, remember that just because your neighbor has a sign in their yard doesn’t mean that your neighbor actually received services from a roofing company. Sometimes thieves actually place the signs there on their own. Other times, they offer big discounts to customers to put the sign in their yard in advance. The idea is that you will assume that they are pleased with the company and call the number yourself.

The point? Don’t get ripped off. Always make sure that your roofing contractor is licensed, insured and recommended.


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