Calculating Wind Uplift Pressures For Synthetic Thatch Roofing

You may have seen windstorm classification ratings like as 1-60, 1-90 or 1-120. Building owners and sometimes even uninformed contractors too often correlate these classification ratings to wind speeds of 60, 90 or 120 miles per hour (mph).  Yet, they’re incorrect! When you see a windstorm classification rating, it’s actually talking about wind uplift pressures in pounds per square foot (psf). See, it’s not talking about wind speeds. So, a roofing system rated as some may say, “120” doesn’t mean that it will hold up in a rainstorm with 120 mph winds. Unfortunately, it’s way more complicated.

ASCE standards tell us how to calculate wind uplift pressures. Most building codes rely on their advice.

Wind Uplift Pressures For Windstorm Classification Ratings

So, there’s no way to determine a rating needed using basic wind speed only. That’s just one factor out of the five basic factors usually considered. State or local rules usually say what calculation they require for determining the windstorm classification ratings needed on any particular building. However, all formulas consider five basic factors:

  • building height
  • building location
  • surrounding terrain
  • building openings
  • building use

Together in a formula, these factors shows pressure in pounds per square foot that the building may face. Then, builders know what rating they may need. Do you know the windstorm classification rating you need for your building?

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Author: Endureed