Koro Sun Resort, Fiji - beetle-free thatch roofs

Have you ever heard of a thatched roof beetle? Actually, many species of beetles infest thatched roofs around the world. For example, in the Guano-Palm thatched roofs, it’s not uncommon for tiny 4 mm-long beetles to makes homes in thatched roofs and then just fall down inside the home. People will tell stories of beetles falling from thatched roofs before afternoon rains. In many areas around the world, people just accept this. In areas where buildings are insured and must pass inspections, the only option is regular maintenance and ample pesticides. If you want a natural thatched roof, that’s just how it is.

What if you could have the thatched roof look without any maintenance and without having to ever use pesticides to keep beetles out? Endureed synthetic thatch doesn’t home beetles. They just don’t live in our products. Just because the product is synthetic doesn’t mean it looks fake though. Resorts, amusement parks and homeowners around the globe opted for our synthetic thatch. Avoiding beetles was just one factor.

Perhaps you think that a natural thatch roof is a greener option. When you consider fertilizers and chemicals needed to grow enough thatch to maintain supplies and chemicals needed for fire-proofing and pest-proofing thatch, it suddenly isn’t eco-friendly at all. Endureed roofs are made with recycled materials and are recyclable. Plus, they last decades with no maintenance. So, if you want a thatched roof look without the headache of beetles and other pests, contact us today!


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