mice and other thatch pests
Businesses love that our synthetic thatch resists pests. Thatch pests include more than just birds and insects. Actually, mice and rats are among the worst offenders. They also infest natural thatch roofing!

Avoid Infestations From Mice

Mice can squeeze through holes no larger than a penny. Existing holes aren’t needed though. See, it doesn’t take long for mice to make their own holes in a natural thatched roof. That’s why are clients are thankful our synthetic that is pest-resistant. Coupled with the waterproof membrane, our system becomes impervious to pests like mice. With natural thatch, a mouse can quickly set up its nest. Quickly, you have an infestation on your hands. Avoid that! Choose Endureed synthetic thatch.

Avoid Infestations From Rats

Rats tear through natural thatch easily. Plus, once they’re in, it’s major trouble. Damaging the structure is a possibility. Rats easily chew through electric cables. That’s a fire hazard! They chew through plumbing, risking leaks. Rats are incredibly persistent. Professionals who maintain natural thatched roofs find thatch rats incredibly difficult to get rid of. Avoid that problem! Choose Endureed synthetic thatch instead.

Avoid all of the pests! Birds, insects, mice and rats won’t live in our synthetic thatch!


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Author: Endureed