When you are applying Endureed synthetic thatch shingles to a corner on a hip roof, there might not always be pre-punched holes available where you need them. What then? Well, when applying our shingles at the corners of a hip roof, nail holes can be drilled directly through the binder strip. Also, the installer may staple the shingles where needed. To staple, installers should use  pneumatic narrow crown stainless steel staples. (Don’t worry, pneumatic staples are staples driven by air staplers. They are commonly used with wood, metal, and other tough materials during roofing or flooring projects.)

Normally, when fastening thatch shingles, use a minimum of three roofing nails through the pre-punched holes in the binder strip. Also, when installing shingles at the corners of a hip roof, be sure to bend the Endureed shingle to conform to hip nicely. Plus, install each shingle spaced evenly. Be sure to allow for two hip courses to one field course.



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