Why choose synthetic thatch from Endureed?

When you’re choosing the right synthetic thatch roof for your business, whether it’s a tropical resort or a stand on the beach in Florida, you’ll find that not all synthetic thatch roofing materials are created equal.

That’s where Endureed comes in.

Why Choose Synthetic Thatch from Endureed?

Each of our designs are realistic and lifelike—they look just like natural thatch, but they’re made to outperform nature’s version every time. The base resins we use ensure true color, shape, and texture, too, so your guests will never know the difference.

The appearance of our thatch roofs is guaranteed for 20 years, which is far longer than a natural thatch roof could hold its appearance.

We offer a number of regional themes to recreate traditional materials and techniques, too, so your roof will blend right in, no matter where your business is located. (We can customize designs, too, so ask us if that’s something you’re interested in!)

Check Out Endureed’s Synthetic Thatch

Whether you’re operating a resort in the tropics or you have a rental shack on the beach, a synthetic thatch roof might be perfect for you.

Check out our synthetic thatch roofing materials now to find one that’s right for you:


We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your business.

Call us at 877-784-2824 or get in touch with us online to learn more. You can also view the technical specs on each of our roofing products by creating a free Endureed user account now.


Angie Johnston
Author: Angie Johnston