What is Bali Synthetic Thatch

Bali synthetic thatch is a gorgeous, grass-style thatch with loosely tapered shingles that’s designed to mimic east Asia grass thatching.

Key Features of Bali Synthetic Thatch

  • Made from fireproof materials
  • Can withstand Category 5 hurricane winds
  • Made right here in the U.S.

Bali is designed for island eaves and built-up eaves. We recommend that you have it installed over a substrate material, and that your contractor uses stainless steel, ringshank nails.

What Types of Roofs Are Right for Bali Synthetic Thatch?

You can install Bali synthetic thatch on any sloped roof with a 2/12 or greater roof pitch. It works well on these roof types:


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Angie Johnston
Author: Angie Johnston