If you’re considering a synthetic thatch roof for your commercial business, you’re in good company—you’ll find these types of roofs on resorts, restaurants in the tropics, and several other businesses.

However, you’ll have to know a little bit about roofing terminology and understand what type of synthetic thatch will be best for your building based on your roof’s shape.

So what if you have a valley on your roof?

What is a Roof Valley?

A roof valley, which can be open or closed (we’ll get into that next), is one of the most vulnerable spots on a roof—and that’s because it’s where different planes of the roof intersect. Water runs down in lines where two different angles of the roof intersect, which means you need the right type of roofing material.

Not all roofs feature valleys; some only have two slopes, while others are conical and don’t adjoin other roof planes.

Endureed Products That Work With Valleys

Endureed synthetic thatch roofs that can be used on roofs with valleys include:

Are You Considering Synthetic Thatch for Your Business?

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Angie Johnston
Author: Angie Johnston