If you’re thinking about installing synthetic thatch on your commercial business, whether you’re running a luxury resort in the tropics or a laid-back beach equipment rental facility, you need to know what type of roof you’re working with—and if your building has a hip roof, there are certain types of synthetic thatch that will work better than others will.

What is a Hip Roof?

A hip roof features a few key components that most roofs don’t, such as hip rafters, a ridge board, and jack rafters.

Hip Rafters

Hip rafters are rafters that extend from the wall plate to the ridge of the roof. They form the roof’s angle.

Ridge Beam

The ridge beam (also called the ridge board) is a part of the roof’s structure. It supports the ends of the rafters at the ridge. (In the U.S., ridge beams are required if the roof’s slope is less than 3 in 12.)

Jack Rafters

Jack rafters are short rafters used in hip roofs. They’re also used in valley roofs.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch Products That Work for Hip Roofs

Not all products work well with hip roofs, but many Endureed synthetic thatch products do, including:

Are You Considering Synthetic Thatch for Your Business?

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Angie Johnston
Author: Angie Johnston