Water reed remained a common, durable roofing material for many centuries. It was a primary thatching material all over. Water reed, the most durable natural material for thatching, could last 60 years if well maintained. Of course, people called it by different names. Yet, people in France, China, and the UK used water reed for roofing. Actually, anywhere reed beds grew, people used it.

More recently, it became nearly impossible to keep up the demand for water reed. See, there just isn’t enough naturally produced reed anymore.

Unfortunately, rivers that once produced an abundance of reed were hit by runoff from agriculture. Plus, intensive farming of water reed itself created nitrates that also damaged the reed. Sure, it grew faster. Yet, they weakened the stems and reduced the hardness of the reed. The reed got brittle. Now, it snaps easily. Just a couple of decades brought a decline of water reed.

If you want a thatched roof from water reed, it might not work out well these days. Supplies have diminished.

Thankfully, eco-friendly synthetic reed offers the same beauty. Incidentally, it also makes passing building codes and fire codes easier too. Plus, Endureed products mean maintenance-free beauty. Actually, we offer a variety of synthetic thatch materials!


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