Should You Strive For LEED Certification With New Hotel Construction?

energy efficient building materials

Is it worth it for hotel designers and architects to jump through hoops in order to achieve LEED Certification on new hotel construction?

Yes, absolutely… Though perhaps not for the reasons people think.

Obviously, as hotels move towards energy conservation, the result is a reduction in operating costs. That’s a no-brainer. When all of your light bulbs are LED light bulbs, the energy cost savings is substantial. When energy-efficient building materials keep heat in a heated room, the energy savings is noticeable. These points are obvious.

Benefits For New Hotel Construction

What might not be obvious is that the benefits of LEED certification are even more substantial. When hotels with LEED certification in the sustainable building program are compared to non-certified hotels, we see another effect. Certified hotels reap greater revenue per room! The difference is significant. This fact stands true especially with luxury hotels, but also with all types of hotel properties.

Endureed is proud to offer environmentally-friendly roofing products that can help hotels achieve LEED certification. Efforts towards sustainability matter, because it’s the right thing to do. We want to make sure we don’t ruin the environment any further for future generations. Still, from a business standpoint, reducing operating costs and increasing per-room-revenue makes taking the leap towards LEED certification fiscally appealing as well.