Endureed’s Bali synthetic thatch replicates natural found in the South Pacific Islands. This product is designed to look and feel like the fine grass thatch found in East Asia and is completed with thick Balinese style hips. This product has a loose eave with the finer grass loosely tapered. It has a slightly longer shingle than some other synthetic thatch. This authentic-looking, synthetic thatching is part of our Regions Series.

Tourist projects in Bali, coupled with the loss of beachfront margins to hotels, has strained many fertile soils where natural grasses used for thatching have grown, according to New Native Plants Hawaii at the University of Hawaii. The quality of natural grass has reportedly fallen due to these factors. Meanwhile, the soil endures the added use of fertilizers. You can have an authentic South Pacific Islands thatched roof look that is synthetic and yet eco-friendly. Endureed’s products are LEED Certified.

This South Pacific style synthetic thatch works well on ValleyShedHip, GableCone and Compound Curve roofs. Install Bali synthetic thatch on a sloped roof that has a 2/12 or greater roof pitch.


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