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Earlier this month, an Irish newspaper featured an article about a pub in Drogheda – one of the oldest towns in the country – that needed repairs to its natural thatch roof. This wouldn’t ordinarily be news, but it turns out that the building needs significant structural repairs because the structure’s natural thatch roof needs to dry out. Members of the community, including Councillor Paul Bell, expressed frustration that restorations won’t even begin until next year.

What Happened at the Thatch Pub?

The Thatch Pub, a popular tourist attraction, needs its thatched roof replaced. The business secured thousands of euros in government funding under the country’s endangered buildings scheme. Due to the nature of the repairs, which can’t be performed because the natural thatch is soggy and causing structural damage, work can’t begin until 2018. (Endureed’s synthetic roofs don’t require re-thatching, preventing the regular hassle of pulling permits and waiting for approval from local governing bodies for a maintenance job.)

This struggle highlights how synthetic thatch roofs from Endureed can prevent these types of problems. Our roofs are synthetic, but they mirror the beauty of natural thatch – and they require virtually no maintenance.



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