Not All Synthetic Thatch Can Match Our UV Protection Standards


The sun can be very damaging to some synthetic thatch roofs. Even the most beautiful colors of synthetic thatch can fade without superior UV protection. Endureed’s UV protection is designed into the thatch itself. Our UV protection is so lasting that our warranty covers color degradation.  Our synthetic thatch products will not fade in color. They will not become brittle with sun exposure. Our product’s durability is part of the reason our products are the best in the industry.

20-Year Warranty Against UV Degradation, Decay, Rot And Color-Fade

We have been in the industry for two decades. We were the forerunners of the synthetic thatch roof industry. Yet, our roofs from nearly two decades ago still hold their beautiful color. Actually, our synthetic thatch is 100% rain, snow, and mildew-proof. Endureed appreciates the beauty and functionality of a natural thatched roof, but we know our clients want roofs that maintain their beauty. Natural thatch roofs look beautiful when first installed. We replicated the look of natural thatch and and created a synthetic version that can withstand the sun’s rays. Endureed offers a 20-year warranty against rot, decay, UV degradation and color-fade.

We genuinely feel that no competitor can match our products in quality, beauty and durability. Since we began in the late 1990s, no other thatch roof manufacturer outperformed ours in quality and durability tests.

How To Buy Our UV-Protected Synthetic Thatch

Check out our Regions Series to determine what style of synthetic thatch will work best for your next roofing project. Then, create an account on our site. With an account, you have access to all of the technical specifications of the roofing options. So, if you are interested, chat with us online or call us. You won’t be sorry!