A master thatcher must install natural thatch. While average people installed natural thatch for centuries, natural thatch installation virtually requires a master thatcher now. It’s always been good to hire a master thatcher. Yet, it wasn’t always required. Now, building codes and insurance requirements make natural thatch a major project.

Thankfully, our synthetic thatch is easily installed. It’s so easy that some DIY roofers used our products.

A Thatched Roof Look Without A Master Thatcher

Our synthetic thatch looks just like natural thatch. Plus, it stays looking good for decades. Yes, we even have a 20-year warranty that even covers color degradation.

Never worry about thatch slippage. Plus, never worry about thatch compaction problems. Also, in less than five years, a synthetic roof by Endureed costs less than a natural thatched roof. See, cost considerations include fireproofing, maintenance, and pest control. And that’s not even factoring in the skill of the thatcher. So, a master thatcher could cost even more.

Look, if you are a general contractor, know the variety of reasons people are choosing Endureed synthetic thatch. If you know the true benefits of synthetic thatch, it will be easier to build a lasting professional relationship with your clients.

Check out our Regions Series to determine what style of synthetic thatch will work best for your next roofing project. Then, create an account on our site. With an account, you have access to all of the technical specifications of the roofing options. So, if you are interested, chat with us online or call us. You won’t be sorry!

Author: Endureed