Thatch roof barns were once commonplace across England, Scotland, and Ireland. Photo via Pixabay/ CC0 Creative Commons]

The life expectancy of a natural thatch roof will vary. The life expectancy of an Endureed is guaranteed for 20 years with virtually no maintenance. So, why not choose an Endureed synthetic thatch roof for your business? See, natural thatched roofs will last only a questionable amount of time. For example, under good circumstances, you could expect a thatch roof made of water reed to last about 20 years and palm to last about 10 years.

Variables in Life Expectancy of Natural Thatch

Still, for natural thatch even these projections depend on many variables. For example, the skill level of the thatcher makes a huge difference. Plus, the geographical location on your property matters. See, if your roof will be exposed to humidity, strong winds and rain, that will shorten the life span of a natural thatched roof. Plus, you have to deduct years if the roof is exposed to pollutants or if the roof doesn’t have a way to breathe. Additionally, vermin and birds can reduce the life expectancy of the natural thatched roof.

Also, you will need to consider the type of materials used. See, water reed has a longer life than palm thatch or grasses. So, even though you can usually patch and repair a natural thatched roof and make it survive decades, there is still a lot to consider. When figuring out the life expectancy of a natural thatch roof, there are factors outside of your control and a lot of maintenance.

Variables in Life Expectancy of Endureed Synthetic Thatch

Endureed requires virtually no maintenance. Also, pests don’t nest in our roofs. Plus, our roofs can withstand even hurricane-force winds. You don’t have to worry about debris from closely-planted trees lowering the lifespan of our roofs. See, our roofs even can stand up to UV damage. That’s why we can easily offer a 20-year warranty on our products. Variables are essentially eliminated. So, you have more control. And that means you have less to worry about.

We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your business or your home. Call us at 877-784-2824 or get in touch with us online to learn more. Plus, you can view the technical specs of our roofing products by creating a free Endureed user account now.



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