install island-style thatch kona

Would you like to see how to install an island-style thatched roof using state-of-the art synthetic thatch? If you want to replicate the look of a thatched roof that you might find on a Hawaiian island, you will want to check this out.

Kona is part of Endureed’s Regions series. It is made to look and feel like Pili Grass and Asian Alang-Alang grass thatching. Kona was made to have a blend of both small grass reeds and broad wide leaves. This mixture gives Kona a textured, tropical look.

This product would be perfect on an accessory building near the beach or pool, on a beachfront house, or at an island resort. If you are a roofer, check out the video below. Then, see just how simple the installation actually is.

Please note that this installation technique is also typical for other products in the Regions series. It is also a similar installation for the Dominica and Bali synthetic thatch products too.

Tips For Installing An Island-Style Thatched Roof

  • Make sure you check the deck for debris and any sharp objects.
  • Unroll the underlayment.
  • Align, peel, and stick the underlayment.
  • Wrap and trim the underlayment.
  • Install a one-inch eave bend.
  • Install a four-inch eave bend.
  • Cut, crimp and bend hip the fill pieces.
  • Install the hip fill pieces.
  • Cut the gable fill pieces.
  • Attach fill pieces between each course at gable.
  • Install the valley pieces three to four inches from the center.
  • Attach eave section at apex.
  • Cut and install fill pieces from eave bends.
  • Install ridge pieces.
  • Blend with heat gun wherever needed.

If you liked learning about how to install an island-style thatched roof using Endureed’s products, check out other videos on our YouTube channel.

Author: Endureed