South Pacific synthetic thatch

Would you like an authentic South Pacific look for your next roofing project? You don’t have to resort to natural thatch roofing materials to get the same South Pacific ambiance. Let’s face it, if you choose natural thatch, you are signing up for a lifetime of maintenance. Endureed’s Bali synthetic thatch perfectly replicates natural thatch material used in the South Pacific Islands. We designed this product to match the fine grass thatch found in East Asia. Thick Balinese style hips complete the look.

Bali, part of our Regions Series, has a loose eave with the finer grass loosely tapered. It has a slightly longer shingle than some of our other styles of synthetic thatch. This authentic-looking, synthetic thatch material is just what you need to set a genuine South Pacific Islands mood. Yet, it’s easy to install and is maintenance-free.

Natural Thatch Isn’t Necessarily “Greener”

You might feel like you should use natural thatch for environmental reasons, but natural thatch is not as green as most people believe. Tourist projects and the loss of beachfront growing areas, strains the ecosystems in which natural grasses used for thatching traditionally grow, according to New Native Plants Hawaii. Plus, the quality of natural grass suffers because of this increase demand. Lastly, fertilizers used to support the demand harms the soil quality and affects wetlands. You can have an authentic South Pacific Islands thatched roof look that is synthetic and yet eco-friendly. Endureed’s products are recyclable and made with a significant amount of recycled material.

Business owners and resort owners can feel good about their decision to choose Endureed synthetic thatching.  Contractors should be sure to explain the environmental impact of natural thatch to eco-minded customers. Most business owners are relieved to learn that the easiest, most durable option is also environmentally friendly.


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Author: Endureed