Synthetic Thatch More Attractive Than Natural thatch

The National Society of Master Thatchers, a UK-based organization, reports that building owners sometimes become disillusioned with natural thatch roofs that begin to look untidy.

Although an older natural thatch roof may remain functional, it’s not as attractive as one that looks fresh. For homeowners, an untidy-looking roof can be acceptable. However, for businesses such as resorts, amusement parks and restaurants, the look of even slightly aged thatched roofs is not.

Endureed appreciates the beauty and functionality of a natural, old thatched roof, but we also know that our clients require roofs that look tidy and well groomed.

Natural thatch roofs are amazing, so we replicated the advantages and created a synthetic version to remove the disadvantages.

Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofs come with a 20-year warranty against rot, decay, UV degradation and color-fade.


We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your business.

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Author: endureed_user