buying sythetic thatch

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How do I buy your synthetic thatch roof products?” Endureed ships the Regions synthetic thatch series directly from our U.S. office to the customer. We sell to customers around the world directly.

There is no middleman. That helps keep our products affordable. Additionally, there is no minimum purchase requirements. We generally price by the project. Our prices are comparable to typical high-quality roofing products.


Building owners and homeowners who want for an authentic-looking thatch roof should consider our premium thatch products. Since we revealed our premium synthetic thatch in the late 1990s, no other thatch roof product has been able to surpass ours in quality and durability. Results from a variety of independent testing agencies show that our products are the premium option. Don’t waste your money on a synthetic thatch that can’t outperform or outlast our synthetic thatch.

Check out our Regions Series to determine what style of synthetic thatch will work best for you. Create an account on our site to get all of the technical specifications of the roofing options.

If you are interested in purchasing our synthetic thatch roofing material, you’re in the right place! Chat with us online. Give us a call. Our phone number is 877-784-2824.  Feel free to shoot us an email if you prefer. Of course, you can also have a contractor contact us. Just because we sell direct doesn’t mean we won’t be happy to meet with your own project manager or contractor.

Author: Endureed