thatch roof on barn in United Kingdom

Thatched roof barns and farm buildings have been a visually appealing part of what is now the United Kingdom for at least a millennium. Builders in bygone Britain, Ireland and Scotland used grasses that were readily available along the countryside. Eventually, this craft began to fall to the wayside though. Modern needs and issues made thatched roofs increasingly less of an option.

The use of thatched roofs on barns and other accessory buildings really declined after the invention of the combine, a machine used in agriculture. Combines made straw and grasses unsuitable for use on roofs. Consequently, the cost of Norfolk reed, the traditional thatch used in the area that is now the United Kingdom skyrocketed. It became a prized commodity.


Thatch roof barns were once commonplace across England, Scotland, and Ireland. Natural thatch is maintenance intensive. Endureed synthetic thatch is virtually maintenance-free. [Photo via Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0]

Over time, more issues made thatched roof barns and accessory buildings less common. For example, these days, pests are unacceptable. Thatched roofs have always brought in pests. Birds and other animals have always found natural thatched roofs very desirable.  Next, modern building codes began requiring fireproofing on thatched buildings. Insuring natural thatched roofs in many areas made the option even less desirable.

Why choose a natural thatched roof on your stable or barn, when less costly options are available with less hassles? Natural thatched roofing, when combined with maintenance, complying with building codes, and battling pests, just doesn’t make sense.


People turn to our Somerset synthetic thatched roof product to get historic ambiance on their property. We offer this product in our Regions series. It replicates the look and feel of the historic roofs of barns and cottages that were once found all across the United Kingdom. Our Somerset synthetic thatch is just what you need if you want your barn or accessory building to have a traditional look with none of the hassle.

thatched roof history in the United Kingdom

Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofing material can replicate the look and feel of ancient roofing material. It can add value and historic charm to your barn or farm building. It’s an incredibly durable, flame resistant, pest-free option. If you love the look of old thatched roofs in the United Kingdom, check out our Somerset roofing product, part of our Regions Series.

[Featured Image via Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0]

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