People with natural thatch roofs worry about pest infestation. It’s an unfortunate problem that comes with natural thatch roofs. And it’s a problem you won’t have with an Endureed roof!

Imagine owning a restaurant, hotel, or other business and worrying about birds pulling away pieces of your roof. Magpies, jays, and jackdawns literally disassemble natural thatch roofs in the UK. It makes a mess and leads to a great deal of maintenance. Thatching service businesses report that pine martins and wasps are even among their clients’ biggest pest issues. The only way to deal with the issue of natural thatch roofs becoming infested is to have regular maintenance done for pest control. It gets very costly.

You won’t have these problems with an Endureed roof.


Imagine worrying about squirrels wrecking your roof piece by piece each time they run along a wire leading near the roof.  What a headache! Thankfully, this won’t be your headache if you choose an Endureed roof.

Our roofing material resists pests. Birds may try to pull it apart, but they won’t be successful. Squirrels may attempt to burrow a home in one of our synthetic thatch roofs, but they will not succeed.


We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your business.

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