synthetic thatch that is made in the USA supports United States' economy through manufacturing jobs.

Economy Policy Institute reported that U.S. manufacturing has been “hit hard” over the last two decades, but points out that manufacturing remains a vital part of the U.S. Economy. Endureed is proud to offer our clients synthetic thatch roofs that are made in the United States.

In 2013, the manufacturing sector provided jobs for 12 million workers. Manufacturing is significant to the economy of the Unites States, partly because it employs workers with no college degree at a higher pay scale than non-manufacturing jobs usually do. According the the Economy Policy Institute, the manufacturing sector employs a higher share of workers that have not earned a college degree than it employs college-educated workers. Importantly, workers without college educations who are employed by the manufacturing sector make on average 10.9 percent more than similarly-educated workers in other sectors, according to recent figures.

Data shows that manufacturing jobs in the U.S. remained stable for three decades before declining just before the turn of the century. The manufacturing industry employment has been on a mostly downward trajectory ever since.

Endureed proudly supplies premium synthetic thatch roofing products to clients all around the world, but we are also pleased that these products are made in the USA, that we are supporting the U.S. manufacturing workforce and that we are helping the United States’ economy. 


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Author: Endureed