Endureed Synthetic Thatch’s technical director appeared on a Facebook Live video with Randy Jones, the owner and builder of Incredible Tiny Homes, recently. The live video was recorded just weeks ago. Now, it’s featured on the Incredible Tiny Homes’ YouTube channel. Nick from Endureed and Randy discussed how the high quality synthetic thatch helped make Randy’s vision become a reality.

Thatch On A Tiny Home With Wheels?!

A natural thatch or a synthetic thatch of lesser quality would have been a risk on a tiny home on wheels. Thankfully, Endureed’s products are extremely durable.

In the YouTube comments, one viewer asked, “How will the thatch hold up with travel on the road?? Seems to me to be good for a house that will be put in one place for a long time.”

The great thing about the choice to top this incredible tiny home on wheels with Endureed synthetic thatch rather than natural thatch or lesser quality synthetic thatch is that our products are incredibly durable. AThey can withstand even hurricane-force winds.

Actually, we think our roofs are a better option than traditional roofing materials for tiny homes for a number of reasons. Endureed products are also lightweight, resistant to rot, flame resistant and resistant pests.

Randy’s incredible tiny home came with a $65,000 price tag, and it quickly sold. With high quality products, expert craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, it was worth every penny. The entire tiny home is just 10 feet by 24 feet.

The video above focuses on the synthetic thatch roof, but we encourage you to check out the video below to see the complete tour if you get the chance.

Author: Endureed