Experienced synthetic thatch roofing manufacturer.

Endureed has decades of experience and artistry put into the design of our synthetic thatch roofing products. We admired the beauty and strength of natural thatch roofs. We started the business with a major challenge in mind: Could we create a roofing system that would look and feel like natural thatch, but be capable of withstanding the winds of a hurricane?

That was about twenty years ago.

The experience needed to accomplish such a goal began even before that though. We used our existing roofing knowledge, information we gathered about thatched roofs around the globe, and pure science to design our first product. We also coupled this information and experience with creative artistry. We knew we needed to make a durable product that would be suitable for even commercial needs. It had to be easy to install. It had to be competitively priced. It also had to be as beautiful as natural thatch.

It wasn’t an easy process.

For months, we had a world class team creating, testing and intensely critiquing potential roofing products.

When we launched our first product, more soon followed. It didn’t take long before world-renown resorts, hotels, and amusement parks started noticing our product. These businesses eagerly began incorporating our durable, eco-friendly synthetic thatch roof products into their construction projects.

These days, we still launch new products, but we always use the same intense system of creation, testing and critiquing our own products in order to ensure that we remain superior in quality and design. We even continuously improve the design. We love bringing new thatched roofing products to the synthetic thatch market.

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Author: Endureed