Endureed premium, synthetic thatch roofs support US economy., require no netting.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is, “Will I need to install netting to protect my Endureed thatch roof from birds and other pests.” It’s a good question. After all, our products do look and feel like natural thatch.

The good news is that your Endureed synthetic thatch roof does not require the installation of a netting for any purpose. First of all, you not need to install it to protect our products from wind. Our thatch is incredibly resistant to high winds. The other reason people sometimes install it on thatched roofing is to deter birds and rodents from making their homes overhead. Actually, birds, rodents and insects are not attracted to Endureed products at all.

So, you will not need to install netting to your Endureed roofs. Not ever.

Netting on a Thatched Roof

Netting is applied to natural thatched roofs to deter rats and other vermin and birds from the ridges of the thatch and to preserve thatch when the natural roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Often, they use galvanized wire. Sometimes, they use plastic. Other times, they use copper wire. The look is obviously less than appealing.

So, with Endureed synthetic thatch, you will have a beautiful thatch roof without ever requiring the installation of netting. Our products come with a 20-year warranty. Today, our first thatched roof looks just as it did when it was installed two decades ago. Not even producers of traditional roofs can say the same. Certainly, installers of natural thatched roofs couldn’t, not without a great deal of maintenence.

Author: Endureed