How Long Have Endureed Thatch Roofing Products Been Around?

Endureed applied years of advanced roofing and world class artistry to create the first product that would be given the "Endureed" badge. Our


Get A Beautiful Thatched Roof Without The Insurance Hassles

Many people give up their dream of owning a thatched roof, because natural thatched roofs come with insurance hassles. Insurance companies charge extra


Roofing Industry Growth Continues To Increase, According To Data

For the fourth consecutive year, new home construction and storm-related damage repairs, increased profitability for U.S. roofing contractors. Plus, increases of sales are

Carriage House Roofing - Endureed Synthetic Thatch

Should I Use A Drip Edge With Endureed Synthetic Thatch?

In roofing, a drip edge along can help extend the shingle out over the eave while also keeping shingles up off the roof


How Are Building Codes For Roofs Determined?

State and federal agencies get to determine their own building codes. Generally speaking though, most choose to just use the standard building codes.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro And Other Wonders Of Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Plus, it's the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet. It's located inside the Kilimanjaro National

florida wind zones

Wind Ratings For Roofing Materials Are Often Misunderstood

Wind ratings on roofing products are often overlooked or misunderstood. Yet, they are important for determining if a product is suitable for a


What’s The Difference Between The Regions Series And The Viva Series?

Endureed has a product to suit any synthetic thatching need you might have. We offer products in the Regions Series and the Viva


What Is The Lifespan Of An African Cape Reed Thatched Roof?

What is the actual lifespan of a thatched roof made from natural African cape reed? Manufacturers of natural cape reed tiles report varied


Endureed Synthetic Thatch Is A Great Way To Fight Ice Dams

Standard roofing risks ice dams. Ice dams happen in areas of the world that experience freezing temperatures and significant snowfall. See, when the


What Is A Standard Roof Pitch?

Many people want to know what the standard roof pitch on a building is. Look, there is no single standard roof pitch. See,


Roofing Throughout History

There is something so beautiful about historic roofing. See, clay tile, slate, metal and thatch roofs remind us of simpler, bygone days. Clay